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Created with privacy in mind

Fyma is 100% compliant with existing privacy policies including GDPR. At its core, Fyma believes in delivering computer vision-powered AI that doesn’t infringe on people’s privacy or security.

Its privacy-by-design approach prevents facial recognition, anonymizing all data, and protecting the sensitive information obtained from its video sources.

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Ülemiste City is an innovation district with over 13 000 daily commuters has been using Fyma to measure all movement types and density since before Covid began and throughout. Fyma also provides parking data to their wayfinding system on nearly 2000 spaces.

"With Fyma we have started to measure mobility analytics around our business park, which will give us valuable information on people’s movement and behavioural patterns."

Ursel Velve

CEO, Mainor Ülemiste

Case study
How it works?

How does Fyma
computer vision work?

Fyma can connect to virtually any IP camera setup to create immediate or historic AI-powered analytics.
Once the camera is connected, choose which objects you would like to detect as well as define areas of importance using our virtual gate and polygon sensors.
Once the cameras are up and running you can use Fyma’s analytics playground to analyze the data or connect it to your third party systems using our REST API.
You can use the data yourself to start generating value or get in touch with us for physical space optimization and revenue mining consulting from top industry professionals.

What you can do with Fyma?

With Fyma you can detect a variety of different objects and movement statistics. It does not matter if the camera is located indoors or outdoors. Fyma’s AI algorithms have never seen a human face and we value privacy above all else.
Your business will have the ability to track, monitor, and learn from the metadata analyzed by Fyma AI. Available across all industries, Fyma can help your business understand:
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Age brackets & gender

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People count

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Dwell time

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Vehicle type detection

a speedometer illustrated

Vehicle speed

a box around a question mark

Vehicle dwell time

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Parking analysis

Analytics Playground

Your Data, Now Accessible

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Object detection and recognition

Fyma’s real-time object detection and recognition functionality gives users a count of the number of objects on screen, their classifications as well as their trajectory.
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Behavioural analytics

With enough data it is possible to understand movement patterns of people over time (day/night, weekend/weekday) as well as benchmark your physical spaces anonymously to other similar areas so you understand where you stand in your industry.
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Specific location analysis

It is also possible to do hot spot analysis with Fyma software. Our virtual sensors allow users to look at one specific area on one day and another the next day.
Fyma in Numbers

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Benefits of Fyma

video camera
No additional hardware needed

Fyma can be easily integrated with virtually any IP camera setup, meaning clients don't have to invest in additional infrastructure.

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In-door & outdoor cameras

Fyma is a versatile AI software, and can be utilized for either indoor or outdoor uses.

charts and a dashboard view
Historical data

Fyma allows you to compare your data with historical data to build predictive models for the future.

Self-learning application

With a smart AI system that learns over time, Fyma eliminates the burden of having to manually input hundreds to thousands of business rules or variables, which significantly reduces setup time.

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100% GDPR compliant

100% GDPR compliant

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