Parking and Campus Analytics for better urban planning

Urban planning is extremely difficult without good empirical data about what’s happening and how physical environments impact the behaviour of people and vehicles using it.

All urban planning is currently done reliant on modelling data – cell phone data, short-term mobility studies, questionnaires from people in an estate and some short term measurements that are then extrapolated over a longer period of time.

Nothing that really tells you 247 about modal share, traffic intensity, dwell time, speed of vehicles and the use of micro-mobility devices existed before Fyma made it possible using existing security and cctv cameras.

Making planning smarter at Ülemiste City

In 2005, the transformation of the favourably-located 89-acre site from an old industrial area into a modern technology campus was launched, drawing inspiration from Kista near Stockholm.

As of 2021, there are hundreds of businesses with 10,000 employees working on over one million square feet of office spaces. Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, Ülemiste Shopping Centre – the biggest shopping centre in Estonia – as well as the largest interchange in Estonia, Ülemiste railway station, and Hotel Ülemiste are all situated in the immediate vicinity.

The site is mixed-use, with office buildings, grocers, a clinic, a large hotel as well as a gym and various pubs and eateries located on-site, nearly 2000 parking spaces and a tram line to Tallinn’s airport running through it.

This means the developer has to think like a city planner, making the entire site accessible not just for vehicles but also for pedestrians, various transport modes other than cars, reduce traffic jams and enable a good mix of both optional and necessary activities (as per Jan Gehl’s concept) in order to increase profitability and rise tenants’ satisfaction with the site.

Avg 5 min faster and more convenient parking for visitors

Ülemiste City installed Fyma initially in their car parks in 2020.

The computer vision system is able to understand car park layout in real-time even in snow (when bay markings are covered) and direct drivers not just to a car park, but to an actual vacant parking bay – relevant, if your visitors require an EV charging station or disabled parking.

The biggest private business estate in the Nordics has nearly 2000 parking spaces

Thanks to the real-time data about parking availability on the campus’ wayfinding system, Fyma was able to save 2 metric tons of CO2e/ month by helping reduce the time for cars looking for a parking space on average by 5 min per day.

Unlocking data for better private business estate planning

Ülemiste City has now rolled out the solution to security cameras dotted around the site for real-time movement analytics on modal share and dwell time. This has enabled various previously inaccessible data points to come to light:

  • how many cars drive past vs turn into the estate?
  • how many HGV’s drive past vs turn into the estate?
  • effect of road works in the site’s vicinity: footfall, car traffic?
  • use of parks and green areas: how often and for how long do people use them?
  • bicycles, e-scooters: modal share?
  • and many more as we move through seasons, Bank holidays and the ongoing pandemic.

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